Some Of Our Songs

Nicole (bubba keith)
Let Me Stay With You Tonight (bubba keith)
Four on the Floor in the Army (alan fox)
Walk Across the Fire (bubba keith)
I got I Want (donnie pendleton)
Go on Home (bubba keith)
The Getaway (bubba keith)
Do Me (donnie pendleton)
The Way You Broke My Heart (bubba keith)
Restless (bubba keith)
Do It All Now (bubba keith)
Don't Look Down (bubba keith)
Let Her Go (bubba keith)
Take Me A Little Higher (bubba keith)
Don't Give Up (bubba keith)
Rock Candy (montrose)
Because We Ended As Lovers* (stevie wonder)
Ju Ju Momma (alan fox)
Waxahachie Whirlwind* (donnie pendleton)
High Price (alan fox)
Merry-Go-Round (bubba keith)
Deep Ellum Blues (bubba keith)
Rivera Paradise (srv)
Ain't Nobody Own Them Blues (alan fox)
Your Fault (alan fox)
Stealing (uria heep)
Never Learn (donnie pendleton)

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4 On The Floor in the Army
by the alan fox band