Biker Bar

On December 27th, 2001,
Mom passed on leaving this world with a multitude
of friends who now continue to carry on the
tradition of making her place a special place
where everyone can come and relax, see
old friends and most of all, have a little fun.

"Our goal is to keep the Spirit of
Mom's with the original goal in mind".
"As a place where old friends and new friends can
gather and relax...just like she did."

Donna, Mom's daughter and her husband Tom Orr
ran the club from Dec. 2001 till Feb.2009

Moe Eldridge, has now taken over
Mom's Biker Bar, as of Feb. 23rd 2009.
You'll like him! We do!
Mom's Biker Bar!
819 Ryder Drive
Longview, Texas 75602
One block South of I-20
One block west off Eastman Rd.

For more information or directions:
call us at
Just ask for Moe!

Momís Biker Bar! Some say itís been there forever, others say itís always been there! Actually, Momís Biker Bar 819 Ryder Drive in Longview, Texas is the oldest continually open biker bar in the great State of Texas. Wow! Momís, now owned by Moe & Cherry February of 2009, was established in February of 1987 by Nell Higginbotham 1930-2001 ďMomĒ. After all the paper work involved of acquiring the proper licensing, the State of Texas sent Moe a letter stating that they are the longest continually open biker bar in the state! Now you ask yourself, why and how this has happened with ownership changes and all, It is the fine folks that call Momís home that makes this place such a special place. With annual traditions and rich history taking place at the oldest biker bar in Texas you would think that everyone would know about it. Well, thatís what we are trying to do. We at Momís would like everyone that has ever been to one of Momís annual events such as their Crawfish Boil, or Hog Roast, to know that even though Moe is the new owner the heritage has not ended.

Moe was thrown into a major event right after taking ownership and has not stopped planning yet. Shelly Horan of the Texas Thunder Roads magazine was kind enough to publish an article Thursday, May 21, 2009 in her web-zine right after the big Crawfish Boil that Moe turned from a one day event to a three day event. He is planning to do the same with the Annual Hog Roast that will be coming soon, turning the one day event into a Large Three Day Party in the Piney Woods.

October 2nd 3rd and 4th are the dates set for the Annual Hog Roast. Bigger Better, but with the same heritage and tradition of the past. Great food, live music, plenty of vendors, cold beer, hot babes, and of course Cool Bikes!

Throughout the years of Momís, the outside walls have accumulated many signatures, art work, and just plan memories that have been placed on the outside. Sadly to say the building is in need a new paint job. Pictures have been taken and steps are been done to make a photo to be hung inside of Momís to keep the years of heritage alive. We are inviting all who wants, to come between now and the Hog Roast and take your own pictures to keep before the new paint goes on the walls. So we are going to hold off with the new paint until everyone has a chance to take pictures of their special memories until after the Hog Roast.

Momís Biker Bar
819 Ryder Drive
Longview, TX 75633

Moe & Cherry August 6, 2009