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Thanks Goes Out To Our Great Fans and Friends At Mom’s
Who Believe In the Alan Fox Band.

August 3rd 2008

Tom & Donna Orr (owners of Mom's) / Bobby Lidibell / UMF's "Kilgore" / The incredible Vicki Pendleton / Gary Hale / Richard & Betty Greer / Sparx & Ruby / Moe & Cherry "Red" / Monte / Cheri (Boogerville Queen) / Jim Turner – photosbyTurner@yahoo.com / G.M. Reed Just Passing Gas / L.S.W. / Tina Lynn / Jett Black & Randy Bussey / Christina Davidson / Scott Kromer / Susan Adams / Oar Probus / Pirate / Shon Fox / Street Team Captain Eric Breeding / Wild Bill & The Hot Susan / Frank & Susan Clark / Michelle Owens (female vocalist) / Julian Sanchez / To My Friends – Terry Kelly / Jim Burgess / Cheryl Berri / Lorrie Humphrey / Laura Swaty / Sharon Pages / Rick & Cindy Watson / Brian & Yvonne Smith / Denver & Rachelle Eldridge / Steven Greer The American Idol Guy / Justin Hurts / B.J. / R.R. / Judy Henington "Judy, Judy, Judy" / Bull Dawg 44 / Bobby / Dave & Coby Michalek / Billy Mitch / Donna McCracken / Ronnie McCraken / David Wilson / Daua Wilson / Darla Hope / Robby Cox / Ruek a Ross / Donna Wright / Joe Bowen / Kay Baby / Steven J. / Bandido Tramp 1% / PBOL Celeste / Glenda Thompson / Bandido Ray B. 1% / Carl / Deletta / Monty / Amy / Lonnie & Patti / Quiet Mike & Dana / Bridgett / Heather Rawson (Bartender at Mom’s) / Ryan Pendleton / John "JP" / Stormy Shelton / Bandido Lonnie / PBOL Patti /
Faith – "Your Groupy" / Jeff & Debbie Harris / Tripp & Donna / Nathan Brown
Our Street Team! "Mark Mann" / Eric / Judy / Richard / Sherry / Linda / Dorothy / DeDe / Ken / Karen / George
And everyone else that didn't get to sign our book Thank You!

Our Special Thanks From Us To You

Bennie & Cathy Davis of Bandstand Music / Kelly & Brenda Barber of Action Sound / D'Mac Productions. To all the other groups that have worked with us, Making some of our larger shows a great success!
Crossroads Band / Jo Jo Seven Band / Nu Tattoo Band / Diddley Squat Band / Grant Cook Band / Mr. Jones Band / Scott Walker and the Edge of Texas Band / Bob O & the Mojo's Band / Texas Blues Revue Band

The Alan Fox Band has progressed throughout its years of growth, we would like to thank all the fine folks that have spent some time with us. We started this album project at the Alley Studio in Marshall, TX, September 6th of 2007 - Rodney Beal, and Moe Eldridge, studio engineers, in December of 2007, continued the project at Pendleton Recording Studio, where Donnie produced and mastered the CD. TAFB as a whole, has learned to take our time with work that will be timeless. We hope this CD will live on even after we are not, giving listening pleasure to our fans!

We would like to take this opportunity, to thank everyone that has supported the Alan Fox Band. We would also like to thank God and our families, Tina Lynn of Lynn Entertainment, Vicki Pendleton of Vix's Pix, Ruby and Cherri for all of their unfailing support.

Completion of "JuJu Ear Rub" June 19th, 2008
Produced by Donnie Pendleton
and The Alan Fox Band
copyright 2008
Managed by Tina Lynn
of Lynn Entertainment 903.754.3075

All Songs Written By:
Members of The Alan Fox Band
With The Exception Of:
"Because We’ve Ended As Lovers" ~ (Title Code: 320189177)
Writer: Stevie Wonder
EMI Music Publishing
Att: Vice Pres. Copyright Admin.
810 Seventh Avenue
36th Floor
New York, NY 10019

"Be Good To Me" ~ (Title Code: 320308341)
Writers: Tagg, Eric R. / Vannelli, Rossano Francesco / Veitch, Trevor Stanley
Sympathetic Music Co. BMI 40583301
445 CR 3101
Greenville, TX 75402

Copyright 2008 - All rights protected by applicable laws.
Distributed by: CD Baby - 5925 NE 80 Ave
Portland, OR 97218-2891 --- (503) 595-3000

CD Layout by The Alan Fox Band
Photo By Vicki Pendleton / VixPix '08

The Alan Fox Band
Members are:
Alan Fox -- vocals/guitar
Donnie Pendleton -- vocals/guitar
Sparx -- vocals/bass
Moe Eldridge -- percussion/drums

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Press Photo of
The Alan Fox Band

Waxahachie Whirwind
from our CD "JuJu Ear Rub" alan fox band