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Performance Contract

Entertainment Agreement Contract
The Alan Fox Band 520 Molly Circle, Carthage, TX 75633
Contact AFB by email: -- donniependelton2017@gmail.com

This is a legal binding contract of agreement,

between Performer: (print name)_________________________________

and person(s) contracting the performer: (print name)_____________________________________.

Who agrees to pay the performer:
(amount $)
gross: $_______________for the

Performance on calendar date with time: ______________[date(s) of performance],

from [start] (time) ________

Till [end] (time) _________.

If venue is providing sound system, the requirements for
AFB-AlanFoxBand are as follows for inside Sound Re-enforcement.

20 Channel Mixing Console with at least five monitor mixes.
At least a bi-amp power system for the front house mix. At least 2000 watts for at
least One 18' sub-woofer
on each side of the stage. 1000 watts for the upper end of the house mix.
Five monitors, with 12" - 15" speakers with high end horns powered by at least 500 watts each.
Four for up front, and one for the drummer at the right side of the drummer.
Four Shure SM-58 Vocal microphones with boom stands for the vocals with four monitors in front of each.
One kick drum microphone with Three SM-57's or comparable microphones for Snare, Ride Tom, and Floor Tom.
Three SM-57's one for each guitar amp. The bass amp. will be run in-line from our own sans-amp DI box.
Appropriate out board gear, etc. stereo graphic equalizers and such as needed for the system.

If added compensations are agreed upon by both parties check here.___.
(meals, travel, hotel rooms, etc.)

Write in explanation(s) with a detail list on the back. Both parties must sign in good faith for this contract of agreement, to be valid.

If this contract was negotiated by a booking agent, please fill in agent name.
agent ______________________________________.

and percentage of the amount line labeled gross:_____%

Total of the amount negotiated run down.

Gross Dollar Amount:$_____________.
Subtract Booking Agent Pay: $____________

Total Net Pay for AFB after agent's pay:$______________.

Concerning this contract of agreement: If a need occurs for cancellation: Any cancellations must be done in writing more than four weeks
prior to the legal engagement date or contract will remain legal binding.

Signatures below indicates both performer, and person(s) contracting the performer,
are in agreement of acceptance, of this contract of agreement.

X___________________ X_______________________________
Alan Fox ---------------- Person contracting the performer.

(Booking Agent)

The Alan Fox Band
(sign, date, and return to: 520 Molly Circle / Carthage, TX. 75633
Contact AFB by email: -- mgmt@alanfoxband.com


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(If Back Line Is All That Is Required For The Band To Perform)