Lynn Entertainment

AFB Records


AFB Records is the newest division
of Lynn Entertainment. It is designed
for the artist that wishes to create music
that is worthy to be shared with the world.
We continuously strive to bring an unmatched
spirit of excellence to the musical world.
To bring thoughts and ideas, through music,
to a sense of positive ideas, so needed and an over
all music that will help bring people together
during a time in this worlds history that most
music has been bringing mistrust, hate, and
depression. AFB Records knows that music
is a powerful median that homes in on the
emotional state of the listener. AFB records
measures success by how our efforts
improve the quality of music that
touches our everyday lives.

For all artists wanting to submit
Promo material for consideration:

Our company reviews rock genre only.
No Country, or Rap, Please!
We are a young record company
that may in the future expand itself.
For now, this means Rock Bands
that provide melody lines for their
lyrics that can be understood.

Do not send un-copyrighted material.
(We are not responsible for un-copyrighted songs.)

Please Mail 3-4 songs on a CD
along with complete bio, picture,
(8x10 B&W glossy,)
and your web site information
with your contact info:
(with how many shows per month you perform etc.)

You will be contacted if we are
interested in your musical group.


Lynn Entertainment:
att: Tina Lynn A&R Dept.
520 Molly Circle
Carthage, TX. 75633

for any questions please email us at:

all material sent to Lynn Entertainment
becomes the property of Lynn Entertainment
and will not be returned to the sender.