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Mom's 2009 Hog Roast

October 2nd, 3rd, & 4th

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday!

Jim Turner's Hog Roast Pics

Food, Live Music, Cold Beer, Bikes, & Babe's

Vendors are welcome (no electricity)
call Moe at: 903.236.9132 for more info:

camping availible first come first serve.

Friday Night October 2nd
8pm till 12mid
"Sweet Pain"
Saturday October 3rd
12pm till 3pm
"A Dazed Decision"
Saturday October 3rd
3pm till 6pm
"Out On Bail"
Sunday October 4th
5pm till 9pm
"the Alan Fox Band"
Saturday October 3rd
6pm till 9pm
"Double Eleven"
Saturday October 3rd
9pm till 12am
"the Alan Fox Band"

Go hog wild at Mom's Biker Bar


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whether you ride a hog or not, they make good eating. " 'Hog' refers as much to motorcycles as food," Morris "Moe" Eldridge explained the dual use of the porcine name: the cloven-hoofed critter and the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The co-owner of Mom's Biker Bar in Longview looks forward to seeing a lot of both hog varieties, 10 days from today, when the South Longview club hosts it annual Hog Roast. About 3,000 bikers and friends are expected for the three-day event, which centers on Saturday's meal when 500 pounds of U.S.D.A. certified hog gets dished out. "If this was a cowboy bar, it might be a bull or something," cook Bobby Liddell added. "Here, it's a hog." It's hog parts, actually. Hog roasts at Mom's have employed the open-pit, whole hog roasting method. This year, they're using a closed pit and cooking cuts. "This year, we're doing butts and shoulders," Liddell said. "That's what they are, hams and shoulders. And we're doing 500 pounds. ... I marinate the meat, let it sit overnight and cook it 18 to 20 hours so it's well off the bone." Carma Rogers, a spokeswoman for the National Pork Board, said the shoulder cut lends itself well to time in a grill. "Shoulders have so much marbling that they can take that heat," she said. "And the low-and-slow (method) actually makes them more tender. ... Cooking pork in a barbecue ó it's that flavor that you get, and I'm sure that wild pigs have that same tendency ó it just accepts any flavor and heightens the taste of the pork." Liddell, a welder, knows the beast is ready to carve when the temperature at the bone achieves 190 degrees for two hours. "That means it's well done," he said. "I cook all pork products well done." The taste created in the closed grill is "not really" different from that yielded by the more arduous open-pit method, champion hog roaster Harley Goerlitz of Giddings said. Goerlitz is a multiple award winner at the annual Great Pork BarbeQlossal, sponsored by the National Pork Board, where he's competed for 22 years. "I prefer the closed (method)," Goerlitz said, recalling an Austin competition at which the local health authority ordered a hog to be destroyed because the heat had not been maintained during its 18 hours in the pit. "They made them trash the whole hog," he lamented. Goerlitz acknowledged his first name means hog in the biker world. "I've gone into a biker bar in Arkansas," he said. "Heck, I didn't know anybody. I said, 'My name is Harley,' and got right in the middle of it. They liked the name." Bikers also like roast hog, at least once a year at Mom's. "Progressively, it's gotten bigger each year, to where now we get 2,000 to 3,000 (attending)," Liddell said. Eldridge, who bought Mom's in February with his wife, Cherry Power, will secure the meat for the Hog Roast at Caddo Packing in Marshall. Wild hogs, of which there is no scarcity in the Pineywoods, can be served to the public, but not for money, Eldridge said. The annual Hog Roast is not a fundraiser, though the bar sponsors charitable events including the annual Christmas Toy Run benefitting the Truman W. Smith Child Care Center outside Gladewater. "Yes it is a fundraiser," Eldridge corrected a reporter. "It's to keep the bar open till next year." For his part, Liddell knows when he's done his hog-best.

"It's by the look on their faces," he said. "And, they always come back."
So do their hogs.

* * *

If you go:

- What: Mom's Biker Bar Annual Hog Roast
- When: Oct. 2 to 4
- Where: 819 Ryder Drive
- Cost: $15 Saturday dinner
- Contact: Call (903) 236-9132 or go to
* * *

Bobby's Hog Marinade
- 1/2 gallon soy sauce
- 1/2 gallon Worcestershire sauce

- 1 bottle (12-ounce) lite beer (Bobby recommends Coors Light)
- 1 can (12-ounce) Dr Pepper
- 2 tablespoons salt
- 2 tablespoons pepper
- 2 cloves fresh garlic
Simmer together 1 hour, covered, and chill in
refrigerator. Inject 4- to 6-pound pork shoulder
in several places. Place in refrigerator overnight.
Makes 1 gallon marinade.
Source: Bobby Liddell

Momís Biker Bar
819 Ryder Drive
Longview, TX 75633

Moe & Cherry August 6, 2009

the Alan Fox Band
Mom's House Band

song "Waxahachie Whirlwind"
by Donnie Pendleton

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