Stage Plot for Sheila and the Caddo Kats <br>

Stage Plot for Sheila and the Caddo Kats

Sheila And The Caddo Kats
From The Edge of Texas

If the venue is providing sound re-enforcement
for Sheila And The Caddo Kats,
the requirements for the Kats are as follows:
for Inside Sound Re-Enforcement.

12 Channel Mixing Console with at least four monitor mixes.
At least a bi-amp power system for the front house mix.
At least 2000 watts for at least One 18' sub-woofer
on each side of the stage. 1000 watts for the upper end of the house mix.
With at least one 15" with horn speaker on each side of the stage.
Four monitors, with 12" - 15" speakers with high end horns powered
by at least 500 watts each. Three for up front, and one for
the drummer at the right side of the drummer. Four Shure SM-58 Vocal
microphones with boom stands for the vocals with floor monitors in front of each.
One SM-57's or comparable microphones for Snare.
Four DI Boxes, one for drummer's Kick Box, one for each guitar, and one for bass.
Appropriate out board gear, etc. stereo graphic equalizers and such as needed for the system.

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